your workflow by outsourcing your clear aligner diagnosis and treatment planning.


 the cycle of unnecessary mid-course corrections and refinements.


your profitability by reducing total treatment time.

Who we are

Complete Aligner Planning Service

Outsource your clear aligner workflow by allowing our team of experienced orthodontists to diagnose, treatment plan, and optimize the virtual setup of your case.

Our experience yields better outcomes…

For more than a decade, our team has worked with thousands of doctors, helping them treatment plan more than 300,000 clear aligner cases, resulting in an average refinement rate of less than 25%. (1)


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What we do

What is Treatment Planning Optimization?

When you submit a new case to a clear aligner company, they only have a responsibility to you as a lab to produce aligners based on a virtual setup.

They make no warranties that the virtual setup is predictable or even feasible.

That virtual setup is not a clinical diagnosis of the malocclusion, and it definitely is not a treatment plan that operates within the constraints of the clear aligner treatment modality you have chosen.

That’s where we come in.

Our experienced orthodontists partner with you to first properly diagnose your malocclusion case, then create a treatment plan that is optimized to result in more consistent and more predictable clinical results.

The result is a reduction in refinements and a huge reduction in total treatment time.

That’s Treatment Plan Optimization, and it’s at the heart of what we do.

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Streamlining your clear aligner workflow couln’t be easier!

How Does It Work?

  • Submit your case as usual to your clear aligner doctor site.
  • Login in to your CAPS portal and select the appropriate service and add patient details.
  • The CAPS team works with your clear aligner service on your behalf to diagnose, treatment plan, and optimize the virtual setup of your case.
  • CAPS notifies you via email when your case is ready for your review and approval!

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Flexible Treatment Planning Options

CAPS is proud to partner with the following clear aligner manufacturing companies.

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