your workflow by outsourcing your clinical diagnosis, aligner treatment planning and optimization of the virtual setup.


with our specialist orthodontists who are clinical experts to expand your clinical confidence to treat more complex cases.


your profitability with less chair-side doctor-time and treatment time while growing your clear aligner practice.

Do more aligner cases with less effort by allowing our team of experienced orthodontists to diagnose, treatment plan, and optimise the setup of your case.


With a decade-long legacy, CAPS has been the reliable partner for thousands of doctors worldwide, assisting them in successfully planning treatments for over 400,000 clear aligner cases. This extensive experience and collaboration has driven these notable results:

Fewer Refinements
Shorter Treatment Time
More New Cases

If you qualify for our Umbrella Agreement Program, our treatment planning services are Complimentary.*

*Conditions apply.

What we do


Outsource your clear aligner workflow by allowing our team of experienced orthodontists to diagnose, treatment plan, and optimise the virtual setup of your case.

Ready to do more clear aligner cases with less effort?


Revolutionize your clear aligner cases with our signature 3-Step Quality Control Process.

Unlike conventional aligner companies that rely on technicians with minimal orthodontic training for basic virtual setups, CAPS stands apart.

Experience the CAPS Difference:

Comprehensive 3-Step Quality Control Process for Every Case:

  1. Clinical Precision: Your case is meticulously diagnosed and professionally treatment planned by our specialist orthodontic team. We ensure every aspect is considered for optimal results.
  2. Expert Review: The resulting Treatment Plan Optimisation is rigorously assessed by a specialist orthodontist. Our commitment to the latest clear aligner techniques guarantees the highest standards.
  3. Personal Review by Renowned Experts: After undergoing two separate reviews of your case by distinct specialist orthodontists, Dr. Geoff Hall and Dr. Martin Poon personally engage in reviewing the setup. If needed, they make further modifications, assuring you of the utmost confidence in receiving the finest optimization for your case. Elevating your treatment experience, these distinguished orthodontic experts bring their invaluable insights to bear, enhancing the potential for a treatment plan that ensures predictable and stable outcomes.

Experience clear aligner innovation that prioritizes your patient’s individual journey.

Got questions? Talk to a member of our team!

What we do


When you submit a new case to a clear aligner company, their obligation extends only to producing aligners based on a virtual setup. They offer no assurances about the predictability or feasibility of this virtual setup. It’s important to understand that this virtual setup is not a clinical diagnosis of malocclusion, nor is it a treatment plan tailored to the specific needs of your patient.

This is where our expertise shines.

At CAPS, our seasoned orthodontic team collaborates with you to first clinically diagnose the malocclusion. We then craft a tailored treatment plan optimized to yield more more predictable and stable clinical outcomes.

Every Treatment Plan Optimization follows a rigorous multi-step Quality Control process, culminating in a personal review of your case by none other than Dr. Hall or Dr. Poon themselves.

The result is a reduction in refinements and a huge reduction in total treatment time.

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Client Testimonials

We are grateful to partner with some of the best dental practices in Australia.

I wanted more predictable results – I wanted to minimize the need for refinements.

Overall, CAPS reduces treatment time.

I would definitely recommend CAPS, especially for more challenging cases.

It gives me assurance that they are going to have a good outcome.

Dr Ludmilla Duchovni


It was taking me allot of time outside of clinical time to treatment plan my cases.

It’s good to know you have CAPS to support you.

The cases I’m getting back from CAPS, I’m getting fewer stages than I expected – the CAPS cases have tracked really well.

Definitely give it (CAPS) a go – it gives you a good bit more confidence to tackle those more challenging cases.

Dr Jenny Wang


Treatment optimization from CAPS has definitely been a game changer for me.

With the backing of the CAPS team, I have found that my aligner outcomes have improved significantly and the overall treatment time reduced.

I also have more free time, as I spend less time on treatment planning!

Dr Ruan Bezuidenhout

Halls Head

Flexible Treatment Planning Options

CAPS is proud to partner with these aligner manufacturers:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
  1. Submit your case as usual to your clear aligner doctor site.
  2. Login in to your CAPS portal and select the appropriate service and add patient details.
  3. The CAPS team works with your clear aligner service on your behalf to diagnose, treatment plan, and optimise the virtual setup of your case.
  4. CAPS notifies you via email when your case is ready for your review and approval!
  5. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that you’ll achieve great outcomes and happy patients because your case was optimised by the clinical experts at CAPS.
Which aligner companies do we support?

CAPS is proud to partner all major aligner companies and offers our industry-leading Treatment Planning Optimisation service for the aligner systems:

  • Invisalign®
  • AngelAligner
  • Spark™
  • InvisalignGO
  • SureSmile®
How much does it cost?

Case Evaluation services are complimentary.

Treatment Planning Optimisation services under the CAPS Umbrella Agreement are complimentary for eligible doctors accredited with Invisalign® and AngelAligner, not affiliated with corporate groups or receiving substantial volume discounts. Except for case refinement, which is $200 +GST

Treatment Planning Optimisation services under the Non-Umbrella Agreement are available for a fee of $450 +GST, except for refinement which is $200 +GST for doctors with corporate affiliations, significant volume discounts, or those who prefer not to be under a CAPS Umbrella Agreement.

What is the difference between an Umbrella Agreement and Non-Umbrella Agreement?

The distinction between the two agreements revolves around the doctor’s affiliations, preferences, and the specifics of the aligner system in use.

Umbrella Agreement:

  • An Umbrella Agreement comes into play when the treating doctor employs the Invisalign® or Angel Aligner systems without benefiting from corporate or substantial volume discounts.
  • With this arrangement, CAPS Treatment Planning Optimization Services are provided at no extra cost.
  • The only alteration is in the payment process: instead of paying the aligner company directly, you pay the aligner lab fee to CAPS.
  • However, all other services will continue to be offered directly by your chosen aligner company.

Non-Umbrella Agreement: A Non-Umbrella Agreement applies under the following circumstances:

  • When the treating doctor is affiliated with a corporate group.
  • When the doctor is utilizing Spark™, InvisalignGO, or SureSmile® systems.
  • When the doctor is availing a significant discount from Invisalign® or Angel Aligner.
  • When the doctor simply prefers not to operate under a CAPS Umbrella Agreement.
  • Should any of these conditions be met, standard pricing for CAPS services will be applicable. 
How much additional time does the aligner manufacturing process take?

For our partnering doctors, it’s advisable to anticipate approximately 4 weeks from the initial submission to the patient’s first appointment. This time frame accounts for the Treatment Plan Optimisation process, subsequent aligner manufacturing, and ensures a well-prepared and timely experience for both practitioners and patients.

Who actually performs CAPS services, and are they located in Australia?

CAPS Signature Treatment Planning Optimizations and other related services are conducted by a team of specialist orthodontists located internationally and are all finally checked by highly experienced Australian specialist orthodontists.


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