Did you know that a clear aligner manufacturer is a lab, and that their only job is to produce aligners based on the treating doctor’s prescription and treatment plan?

In fact, images of the teeth moving in a ClinCheck® or similar aligner software program is NOT how the teeth are going to move – It’s a virtual-setup that is is representing what the aligners are going to look like.

It is entirely the treating doctor’s responsibility to ensure that this “setup” meets the patients chief complaints, achieves the doctor’s treatment goals, and is entirely within the realm of what is possible and predictable for aligners.

But what if you’re not an expert in orthodontics, especially in clear aligner orthodontics?

That’s where Dr Geoffrey Hall and the team at CAPS: Complete Aligner Planning Service come in:

We partner with you to first properly diagnose your malocclusion case, then create a treatment plan that is optimized to result in more consistent and more predictable clinical results.

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