Have you ever looked at a patient and wondered, “Is this a good aligner case?”  

Have you wondered to yourself, “Can I successfully treat this patient?”

That’s ok, we all have!

Complete Aligner Planning Service was founded by Dr Geoff Hall specifically to eliminate the guess-work on Clear Aligners and ensure the best possible and most predictable outcomes.

If you sign up as a member of CAPS, you are entitled to complimentary case evaluations where we will evaluate your clear aligner case with:

– A review of Orthodontic photos (Full set of 8 standard Orthodontic photos required). 

– A clinical assessment and detailed summary as to the suitability of clear aligner treatment for any case based on treatment goals and patient chief concern.
– A detailed clinical assessment and case summary. 

Even better is that in many situations, we can perform our Full-Service Treatment Planning Optimization service at no charge if you qualify for our Umbrella Agreement Program!

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