Traditional bracket and wire orthodontics generally involves several stages of movements necessary to correct malocclusion to include Alignment, Leveling, Working and Finishing.

Aligners however can stage movements simultaneously, for example combining proclination with rotation of multiple teeth at the same time.

Consequently, the initial virtual setup you receive from your aligner manufacturer is almost always a single simultaneous stage.

However, there are times where a simultaneous staging of all movements is NOT the most predictable course of action.

For example, sometimes it’s appropriate to plan for round-tripping, where the arches are developed with expansion and proclination first, and then rotations occurring at a secondary stage.

The clinical experts at CAPS have considerable experience in determining when deviating from the default staging will maximize outcomes.

This is just another example of how allowing CAPS to partner with you can result in fewer unnecessary refinements and can allow you to successfully tackle more complex cases.

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