Case Evaluation

Clinical assessment and detailed summary as to the suitability of clear aligner treatment for any case based on treatment goals and patient chief concern

Review of Orthodontic photos (Full set of 8 standard Orthodontic photos required)

Detailed clinical assessment and case summary

Case Evaluations are complimentary for all CAPS clients

Treatment Plan Optimization

Clinical evaluation to determine the clinical applicability of clear aligner treatment

Diagnosis of malocclusion to determine best clinical course of action

Comprehensive treatment plan optimized to maximize predictability and efficiency while achieving treatment goals

CAPS Commitment satisfaction guarantee

Live Zoom Consultation

Made available on an exclusive basis by appointment only with a member of the CAPS Clinical Team

Discuss how a particular clear aligner digital treatment plan was set up

Can work together to set up a clear aligner digital treatment plan based on the doctor’s treatment goals

Our Guarantee

The CAPS Commitment

We founded CAPS on the promise that great clear aligner setups will result in great outcomes with less effort.

So let us partner with you for your first three cases with full Treatment Plan Optimization, and if you don’t agree that CAPS delivers that promise, we will refund 100% of your CAPS treatment planning fees.

– Dr Geoffrey Hall

Pricing Options

Umbrella Agreement

Clear aligner providers with low case volume using Invisalign ®, SureSmile ®, & AngelAlign ® have the option to register under our Umbrella Agreement:

  • Dr is invoiced for the clear aligner lab fee directly from CAPS at standard retail pricing.
  • CAPS Treatment Planing Optimization is included FREE as part of that lab fee

Standard Agreement

Clear aligner providers with case volume high enough for them to receive significant discounts, or are using SmileStyler ® or InvisalignGO ®, should register under our Standard Agreement:

  • Standard CAPS pricing applies with volume discounts available.
  • SmileStyler and InvisalignGO incur only a nominal fee for Tx Planning Optimization services.

Learn which pricing plan is right for your practice!

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