As a dental practitioner, you may be tempted to submit every malocclusion that comes through your door to your aligner manufacturer of choice. After all, if they accept the case, it must be treatable with aligners, right?

But just because a case is treatable with aligners doesn’t mean that it’s the best option for your patient. That’s where Complete Aligner Planning Service (CAPS) comes in.

CAPS takes the guesswork out of deciding whether a case is suitable for clear aligner treatment. Their clinical assessment and detailed summary are based on treatment goals and the patient’s chief concern. 

By submitting a full set of eight standard orthodontic photos, you can receive a complimentary Case Evaluation from CAPS.

Their experience in treatment planning with clear aligners is unparalleled, and their expertise can help you optimize treatment outcomes. Whether you’re new to clear aligners or looking to improve your existing skills, CAPS provides mentorship, education, and coaching on popular brands such as Invisalign, Spark, AngelAligner, Suresmile, and ClearCorrect.

With CAPS, you can have confidence in your treatment decisions, knowing that you have a team of experts on your side. So why not take advantage of their treatment planning services and experience better outcomes for your patients?

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